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Important information concerning coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Dear Students,

the Jagiellonian University, following guidelines published by the Chief Sanitary Inspector, seeks to prevent infections with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by undertaking the following measures:

  1. First aid kits located in porters’ lodges in JU buildings shall be equipped with one-off respiratory protective masks. The masks are provided for persons meeting the clinical and epidemiological criteria and going to infectious diseases ward. If there are no masks available, the person should cover respiratory track with e.g. anti-pollution mask, scarf or handkerchief. Providing a person with the mask shall be noted in the registry placed in a first aid kit.

Clinical criteria are met if a person has at least one of the following symptoms of acute respiratory infection:

  • body temperature over 38°C;
  • cough, difficulty in breathing, respiratory problems.

Epidemiological criteria refer to a person who meets at least one of the following criteria during 14 days before the appearance of the symptoms:

  • travelling to/staying in the region in which the coronavirus has occurred;
  • close contact with a person infected with coronavirus or suspected of being infected.
    1. Toilets located in the JU buildings shall be equipped with specialised hand sanitizers.
    2. If you suspect the infection with coronavirus you should:
  1. contact the appropriate regional sanitary and epidemiological station; Regional Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Kraków: Mon-Fri, 7:30 15:00, phone: 12 254 95 55; 667 881 188 (emergency);
  2. visit the nearest infectious diseases ward; Department of Infectious Diseases of the University Hospital in Kraków; ul. Jakubowskiego 2, phone: 12 400 20 47 or 12 400 20 20;
    1. In the offices responsible for providing support services for employees, students and other clients it is advised to maintain a safe distance of approximately minimum 1 metre.
    2. We encourage the JU employees to follow current announcements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and comply with the instructions included.